Hey guys, how many of you love the beach? Well, I could literally live here forever! I mean every word of it.  I’m definitely a beach bum;).They say BEACH is the Best Escape Anyone Can Have. Issa truth lol. I’m literally daydreaming as I write this. Diani the white sandy beach is incredible to take some time off … More DIANI BEACH, KENYA


The nearest city to Nairobi, Kenya, the Easter weekend that was. well, I don’t know where to start, one Arusha is amazingly gorgeous! the landscape is so photogenic and the currency will make feel like a Billionaire lol. It’s so easily lovable and way calmer than Kenya’s capital. No hurry in Tanzania as you may already know. Slow paced … More ARUSHA, TANZANIA


During my free time, i spend most of my time on the internet trying to research on places even when i’m at work( my boss shouldn’t see this)lol .I like to be internet familiar with places i haven’t been before, it just excites me a lot. Then one morning as i scrolled through BOOOOOM! ngare … More UP IN THE WIND

Plot Twist….

Here we are again 3 years down the line you get to have my second blog post lol.. After a lot of thinking and i mean aloooot . I finally decided to start blogging again..ooh well not so much of fashion since its just too hectic looking for places to take pictures,I really respect y’all … More Plot Twist….